ALLOYGATOR Wheel Protection

Protect, Enhance, Customise

We,ve all done it...that awful feeling when you hear the sound of your precious wheels grating along the kerb.

No matter how careful a driver you are, there are always pot-holes and other drivers who force you into situations where you have nowhere to go.

Well, thanks to AlloyGator,now you do!

A Few Facts...

  • Suits 98% of wheel and tyre combinations

  • Tyres can be changed with AlloyGators in place

  • Suitable for run-flat tyres

  • Fully tested by MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association)

  • Protects tyre wall from damage

  • 15 colours to pick from

Prestige Wheels

Whether its down to personal taste or maybe your car simply doesn't need help to look good, you can protect your wheels with discreet AlloyGators produced in colours that blend into the tyre or wheel.

and graphite grey range are perfect for thos who simply want the functionality but can live without the bling!

Make a statement

Want to stand out from the crowd? AlloyGator comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes.

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Silver

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Gold

  • Sky Blue

  • Bronze

  • Purple

  • Red

  • Glow in Dark

  • Graphite Grey

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Orange