Remapping Options

What do you achieve from having your vehicle remapped?

There are 3 main options and here are the benefits to each one...

Performance Remapping

  • Improves vehicle performance by up to 40% more (power & torque)

  • Crisper more exciting acceleration

  • Major reduction in flat spots

  • Enhance sharper throttle response

  • Smooth, more progressive power delivery

  • Power spread throughout rev range

Eco Remapping

  • Up to 20% improved fuel economy

  • Improved MPG and reduced emissions

  • Enhanced sharper throttle response

  • Smoother power delivery

  • Power and torque improvements

  • Low down torque and BHP to force early gear changes and low RPM running

Eco/Power Remapping

  • Improves vehicles performance by up to 40% more power and torque

  • Crisper,more exciting acceleration

  • Major reductionin flat spots

  • Enhanced sharper throttle response

  • Smoother more progressive power delivery

  • Higher rev range in the lower rev range/ high BHP in high rev range

Extra Options

  • EGR Removal (exhaust gas recirculation)

  • DPF Solutions (diesel partical filter)

  • DTC Removal (diagnostic trouble code)

  • Launch Control

  • Speed Limiter

  • Power Restriction

  • Diagnostics

  • Restricted Power Till Warm

  • Chip Tuning

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